Support 24×7

A good IT infrastructure requires good support. Our certified employees ensure that risks are minimized and problems are prevented or remedied as quickly as possible.

Extensive options

From contract management to 24×7 support: Dovilo is ready for you with a wide portfolio of IT support services. We help with:

  • Resolve incidents
  • Contract and vendor management
  • Complex chain problems
  • Capacity management
  • Performance monitoring and tweaking
Personal and structured

We like transparency and short lines. We have therefore set up clear work processes that enable us to work quickly and effectively. And thanks to the user-friendly Dovilo Customer Portal you can communicate securely with our support staff at any time of the day and view the status of tickets. So you always know where you stand.

Customization possible

Dovilo Support can be tailor-made so that all parts of your IT organization receive the assistance they need. Our specialists are happy to tell you more. Contact us to discuss the options.

Do you prefer to transfer the complete management of your IT infrastructure? That too is possible.