Data Storage

Important information must be available at all times. As a result, data volumes only increase, as do storage costs. Whether it concerns simple or complex IT environments, Dovilo ensures that data can be retrieved quickly with the least possible costs.

Quality at the right price

Our specialists first analyze your current IT environment and data needs. We take into account requirements, wishes and future expectations. Based on this information, we develop a storage solution that securely stores your data. We only use enterprise hardware and software, so that quality is assured. Both block storage and file data systems are possible. In addition, we apply the required deduplication, compression and other technologies to achieve the highest possible performance, security, cost control and scalability, in line with the available budget.

Storage for every application

The low latency and access time makes our storage solutions suitable for big data applications, data mining, and high transactional systems.

Do you have a lot of static data, or is the data hardly consulted? Then we can also design a (Nearline) SAS solution or archive solution. This can be combined with other technologies in a customized solution. In addition, we offer cloud storage services, so that you can easily secure growing data volumes.

Do you also want to save your data as efficiently as possible? Contact a specialist.