Archive and storage of data

Invoices, personnel files and reports: all examples of data that often needs to be stored long-term and securely, but are not consulted every day. This type of data is quickly accumulating, so storage costs get out of hand. Thanks to the data archive solutions from Dovilo, old data can be stored in an insightful way at the lowest possible price.

Only reliable technology

Dovilo designs a cost-efficient archiving solution based on your specific needs. We do this on the basis of reliable (hierarchical) storage management technology from Cohesity, Zerto, Veeam, Exagrid or Cloudian. The archived data remains of course findable and insightful thanks to smart indexing. Audio and visual material such as photos and videos, or large data sets can also be requested with this. If desired, we can store data redundantly, so that it is available to the maximum.

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