Data Management

Data is a valuable asset and must be available at all times. In addition, laws and regulations increasingly ensure that data must be stored securely and conveniently. This makes data management a crucial part of every business strategy.

The Dovilo specialists have more than 25 years of experience in the field of storage, disaster recovery, backup and archiving. We also keep a close eye on developments. This allows us to advise, guide and unburden every part of the data management process.

Learn more about our data management solutions:

Data Storage

Whether it concerns simple or complex IT environments, Dovilo ensures that data can be retrieved quickly with the least possible costs.

Disaster Recovery

A good Disaster Recovery Plan grows with the company. Our specialists examine the possible disaster scenarios, associated risks and offer appropriate solutions in consultation.


Back-ups are indispensable for every organization that wants to keep its data available. Dovilo designs and implements retention strategies to suit every financial scenario.


With our data archiving solutions, old data is stored in an insightful way at the lowest possible price.