Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies are part of society and have an impact on their environment. Dovilo is aware of their responsibility to society as well. That is why Dovilo contributes by enacting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), for humanity and the environment. Responsible use of resources is a part of this. By acting responsibly, Dovilo helps to reduce waste and unneeded use of resources.

People Front and Centre

At Dovilo we find the theme around People crucially important. After all, we work in teams and we want to support our customers as professionally as possible. That is why it comes natural for Dovilo to encourage development of people, so they can get the best out of themselves, experience pleasure during work and improve their well-being, both in private and as professionals. Dovilo has entrenched this vision explicitly in their Company Regulations.

Our support for sporting club Oranje Wit from Dordrecht is a direct result of that. A large part of the club’s membership are children. By sponsoring the club, Dovilo supports teaching the values of living in harmony and respecting one another. These are vital for a healthy community and working together in good understanding.

Climate awareness

Dovilo is aware that economic activities lead to emissions of carbon dioxide and, ultimately, to climate change. To secure the environment for future generations, Dovilo aims for carbon neutrality. We do that by compensating emissions through climate projects. One example is the FairClimateFund, that carries out projects worldwide to reduce carbon emissions. By contributing to this, Dovilo reduces carbon emissions according to our energy consumption and fulfils our ambition to operate as a carbon neutral company.

Most of our cloud services are delivered from the facilities of Dataplace, a datacenter services provider who take the environment extremely seriously. Their green infrastructure helps us keep to our sustainability goals. Now, and in the future.

Responsible Use of Resources

It is of great importance to Dovilo that resources and energy are used responsibly. We especially want to reduce waste and stimulate recycling. When a project results in surplus products through replacement, Dovilo does not simply discard them as waste. Instead, we take them in, and if the goods are still of commercial value, we take the necessary steps to offer them to the market. If however the end of the economic lifecycle has been reached, than Dovilo will attempt to offer them to non-profit organisations. That way we prevent that functioning equipment is needlessly discarded.

In cases that the goods in question are no longer of use for any party, Dovilo will make sure that it is sent out for appropriate processing. We don’t do this just for IT equipment, but also for packing matertials. The processing party is responsible for effective and responsible recycling of the resources. Dovilo always selects certified recycling companies specialised in processing IT equipment. This ensures that specific materials and production resources are recovered for recycling as efficiently as possible.

Privacy at the Centre

Our sustainable business keeps privacy on the forefront as well. Therefore, we always coordinate recycling of equipment with the previous owner. Dovilo takes the responsibility to effectively remove any data left on storage media. We can offer a certificate for this if requested in advance.