Back-up solutions

How can data be recovered quickly after corruption or an attack? Who and what delivers the best net storage volumes with sufficient availability? What is better: a separation between physical and virtual, or one central solution? These and other important questions must be answered to make effective backups. Dovilo supports this with our back-up services.

Efficient and affordable

Together we develop a retention strategy based on the 3-2-1 principle. We design appropriate solutions for financially viable scenarios. We use compression, deduplication and other storage technologies to achieve the desired results. We prevent any issues with backups, and ensure full integration with your Business Continuity Plan.

When the retention strategy is ready, Dovilo supports with the actual implementation. In addition, we only integrate proven reliable technologies from, among others, Cohesity, Zerto, Veeam and Exagrid. If desired, we use the Dovilo cloud platform for this. This offers guaranteed safe storage of your data.

Back-ups are indispensable for every organization that wants to keep its data available. Contact us to discuss the options of back-up.


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