Performance as a Service

Customers immediately drop out if a webpage is slow. If your business applications do not work smoothly, this is at the expense of productivity. Detecting performance bottlenecks and optimally coordinating systems requires the necessary expertise. With PERFaaS from Dovilo you get a monitoring system without the management care, but with reports including trend analyzes and improvement proposals, and all for a fixed amount. In this way, your customers and employees always enjoy the best performance of your business systems.

Constant improvement

Ensuring an optimally functioning infrastructure requires constant attention. That is why we continuously monitor your systems. In addition, our tools record numerous data regarding availability, resource use, latency and cost structure. The advanced operation of our tooling ensures that your business processes are not affected by this.

We analyze this measurement data and we regularly send reports on this. This gives you insight into, for example, performance trends. You will also receive advice for improving the infrastructure. We ensure that this is in line with the needs. For example, archive data does not normally require the highest performance. Our recommendations take this into account, so that you do not incur more costs than necessary due to optimum coordination.

Also as a one-off project

Before you start a migration process or replace the infrastructure, you naturally want to know what the consequences are for the performance. This is particularly true if an objective here is to improve the user experience or performance. This is particularly interesting for environments from 100 virtual machines and we therefore offer this service as a one-off inventory project.

We then monitor your existing infrastructure for a specific time. As with continuous optimization, we perform an analysis and you will receive advice on migration or replacement. We then use the same approach for the new environment. This gives you insight into the impact of the project on performance. Depending on the situation, this can even be done in advance, for example in a test environment with a cloud provider. In this way you prevent possible disappointments in advance.

Want to know more about Performance-as-a-Service? Our specialists are happy to help you.