Maintenance and Support

Software maintenance and support is an important requirement for efficient and cost-effective IT. Solutions run better and therefore last longer. With maintenance and support from Dovilo you can rest assured that your software always performs optimally.

Software as one environment

Our specialists do not focus on the individual applications, but on how these applications continue to work as a whole. Moreover, they pay as much attention to preventing problems as they do to solving them.

Software maintenance

Corrective maintenance – Proper support ensures that software runs optimally. This means a constant search for improvements. Upon request, we analyze your software environment to resolve recurring failures and performance dips.

Periodic maintenance – Regular maintenance windows are crucial for every application environment. This allows defects to be discovered and solved before they become a problem. We also install updates to keep the environment stable and secure.

Transfer to new environments – Dovilo facilitates a seamless transfer of software to new hardware, such as migrations to new hosting environments or application upgrades. We also pay close attention to continuity and performance in the new or changed environment. With our expert knowledge and experience we can also assist with the migration to cloud applications.


Our team offers first-, second- and third-line support for all applications. We offer these services not only for the software that we developed ourselves, but also for third-party software.


We can take care of the technical management of your entire infrastructure, with 24×7 monitoring of the core applications and hardware. Our team responds immediately to signals that may indicate problems with the servers and solve them as fast as possible. In this way your organization can focus on its core activities.