Infrastructure as a Service

Do you want to quickly place your bare metal systems, virtual machines or VDIs in the cloud with Dovilo? Then combine this with public cloud services or even a community cloud? This and more is possible with Infrastructure-as-a-Service from Dovilo.

Your own virtual data center in the cloud

Installing and managing hardware yourself in a data center is time-consuming and not very flexible. Moreover, the investments for the required components are considerable. By purchasing a Dovilo Virtual Data Center (VDC) you have access to a customized data center. This environment is completely under your control, can be set up quickly and can easily be scaled to your needs. Investments in advance are no longer necessary, you only pay according to consumption.

Complete own management with ease

Just like in a physical data center, you get full control. All resources, that is, processor power, memory and storage, are reserved exclusively for you. So you always have access to the entire virtual infrastructure. In addition, the environment is therefore private, that is, completely separate from other customers. This increases the safety of your VDC considerably.

You then decide for yourself how you want to distribute these resources among the virtual servers and network components. To make it as easy as possible for you, we make ready-made server templates available. In this way, a virtual server is operational in a few minutes. Our user-friendly web portal makes managing your data center intuitive and easy.

Reliable and fast

Dovilo only uses enterprise class components for the underlying hardware infrastructure. This hardware is in our data centers in the Netherlands. That way you know that all your data is in the Netherlands. You do not have to worry about hardware failure. Our specialists have fully built in redundancy.

Thanks to the first-class hardware, you are already assured of high VDC performance. The speed is continuously optimized with sophisticated caching techniques. Because we believe that you can expect the best from our VDC, we do not impose any restrictions on the amount of data that you write. We ensure that the storage systems can handle the data traffic.

Customized capacity and costs according to consumption

We discuss with you how many resources are initially required. As your company grows, you can adjust the desired amount of resources quickly and easily. And if you only need temporarily more capacity for a test environment, for example, you simply scale back again afterwards. Because you only pay according to consumption, the VDC brings costs in line with the required capacity. In this way you pay a predictable price per month without financial surprises.

Curious about your own virtual data center? Ask for an introduction to one of our consultants. If you prefer to get up and running immediately, request one quickly via e-mail. In this way you immediately experience the benefits and convenience of a VDC.