Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Data center solutions are constantly increasing in complexity, resulting in higher costs and a heavier management burden. With hyperconverged infrastructure from Dovilo you stay in control, thanks to simplified management and flexible resources.

Less management, more control

With hyperconvergence, the server and storage layer are closely integrated into one component. In addition, the data center is divided into ready-made ‘blocks’. Additional blocks can be added quickly for more storage and performance. The solution is managed via a user-friendly central management system that makes flexible resource allocation possible. Processes can also be automated, so that you never purchase too many or too few resources. The result: shorter implementation times, lower operating costs and more agility. And thanks to the 24×7 support from Dovilo, optimal functioning of the infrastructure is guaranteed.

Different applications

Dovilo offers two hyperconverged solutions aimed at different applications:

  • The first solution is software defined and integrates servers, storage and networks. This offers the possibility to manage your entire data center through a central, user-friendly interface.
  • The second solution combines backup, disaster recovery and data archiving systems. This allows you to easily manage large data volumes, restore production workloads and archive historical data.

Does hyperconverged suit your organization?

Hyperconverged infrastructure is suitable for many organizations, especially when IT management is entrusted to a small team. Nevertheless, it is important to first evaluate the entire IT environment to prevent divestment. Sometimes a software solution can already solve 90% of all problems. Therefore, be well advised in advance.

Moreover, all kinds of integrations are possible. For example, we can combine Simplivity, Huawei, or Zerto products with Dell EMC or Netapp, supplemented with Cisco or VMware. Each combination has its own advantages and disadvantages. Dovilo can also help you with this. In addition to implementing hyperconverged infrastructure, we can calculate the TCO and associated cost savings for you and prepare an advisory report. This provides insight into the most suitable solution.

Curious about what Dovilo can do for you? Contact us to discuss the options.