More flexibility, infinite resources and saving costs; for many organizations the features and possibilities of the cloud are the key to growth and innovation. But where to start? Which services suit your company? What are hidden risks and actual costs? To answer these and other questions, a powerful cloud-first strategy is needed.

Good IT starts with a good strategy

Every company can benefit from a cloud-first policy. By combining on-site IT and cloud services, an IT stack can be built that meets every need and budget. Unfortunately, this process contains many invisible pitfalls, which differ per organization. Moreover, the use of cloud has a major impact on the entire company, from business models to customer experience. This makes switching to the cloud very complex. A clear vision and strategy is therefore indispensable.

From analysis to action

Dovilo has been guiding and supporting organizations with cloud transformations for many years. Together we map, among other things, the objectives and current IT organization, we analyze all risks and we determine the requirements that the required cloud services must meet.

We translate these findings into an understandable strategic plan, entirely focused on the company and users. The recommended strategy is extensively discussed with stakeholders, with definitive choices being made. This simplifies the selection process of your IT organization and accelerates the cloud transformation.

Fast and secure to the cloud

  • Years of experience
    Our specialists have successfully implemented cloud strategies and technologies in several organizations.
  • Avoid blind spots
    Because of our many years of experience we (re) know the benefits and risks of the different cloud services for organizations.
  • Faster time-to-market
    The selection process of your IT organization is simplified and the cloud transformation is accelerated.

Realize your ambition, cloud first

Do you also want to get the most out of the cloud with a reliable cloud-first strategy? Feel free to contact Dovilo to explore the possibilities.