Cloud transformation

Sooner or later every organization with traditional IT will run into limitations. A cloud transformation is then obvious. But this means more than simply moving your current environment to a new environment. Switching to cloud technology means switching to a whole new platform. This has a very large impact on your users, systems and method. With a good cloud transformation plan you minimize the risks that this entails.

Secure and controlled transfer to the cloud

It is a frequently asked question from customers: how can we steer our cloud transformation in the right direction? The answer to this depends on a large number of factors, such as the chosen cloud strategy and the existing IT environment.

Dovilo helps you prepare a complete cloud transformation program and associated step-by-step plans. These documents describe all components that are required for a successful transformation, including Proof of Concept, technical and functional testing, migration phases and an adoption program for end users.

All components are fully tailored to your situation. We also pay extra attention to the modernization, integration and performance of legacy IT and customized applications.

Bring the cloud to life in your company

  • Years of experience
    Our specialists have successfully implemented cloud strategies and technologies in several organizations.
  • Avoid blind spots
    Because of our many years of experience we (re) know the benefits and risks of the different cloud services for organizations.
  • Application modernization
    Extra attention to the functional integration and performance of legacy IT and customized applications.

Towards a successful cloud transformation

Switching to the cloud is easier with the right knowledge and skills. With Dovilo you get everything you need at home. Contact us to discuss the options.