Back up as a Service

A company cannot do without backups. It is the safety net in case you unexpectedly cannot access files or data is lost. Managing backup systems and an off-site location yourself is complex, takes a lot of time and requires investment. With BaaS you can easily and quickly make backups at a fixed price, without the management.

Full backup: server and cloud

We map your business systems and discuss with you which future plans you have. Based on this we determine how much storage capacity is needed for the backups. In addition, we can provide advice on network connections based on this. For backups, we generally recommend dedicated lines. In this way you are assured of optimum performance and the highest safety.

If you purchase cloud services, we will also include them in the backup plan. For example, we can add your email, Office 365 or SharePoint to the backups without a problem. So you immediately have backup copies of your online data in case a cloud platform encounters problems. If desired, the backup service can be expanded with our disaster recovery-as-a-service. In this way, you can fully protect yourself against emergency situations.

Safe, reliable and fast

With us, safety is paramount. Your data is sent over network connections that are encrypted with SSL. We then store your backups in our Tier III data centers. Which meet the highest safety requirements. And of course you remain in charge of your data. You have access to your backups at all times via a user-friendly portal to restore your files easily and quickly.

We use the most modern compression and deduplication techniques to limit the required bandwidth. This considerably reduces the amount of data to be sent. In addition, we ensure that with as few backups as possible we can always restore all your data. We do this through progressive backups, among other things. This only requires one full backup and then we only need to save the changes.

Flexible scalable with predictable costs

We monitor your backup environment 24×7. That way we always know for sure that there is sufficient storage capacity for your backups. For an optimal result, Dovilo can monitor your operating systems 24×7. In this way you have a flexible, scalable solution, in which you purchase capacity entirely according to your needs. Because you only pay according to consumption, you are never faced with financial surprises.

Do you want to know more about Backup-as-a-Service? Our specialists are happy to help you.