Wireless as a Service

An office without WiFi is unthinkable these days. But ensuring maximum coverage, speed and security has many challenges. With WaaS you have a robust wireless network without management concerns, for a fixed monthly amount. Dovilo carries out the management and maintenance, so that your employees and guests are online without any problems.

A robust wireless network for every office

We always start by discussing your ideas for the future, followed by an extensive site survey to map out disturbance factors, among other things. We develop a migration plan based on this. We then install the access points for maximum coverage. Dovilo uses only wi-fi products from first-class suppliers to install smart WLAN systems, which we then manage and maintain. The systems are flexibly scalable. In this way the network can grow with the organization and you can quickly respond to changing needs.

Safety first

Protecting sensitive information is a hard requirement for success, making the security of the wireless network essential. We take this care off your hands. Wireless networks are always set up according to the strictest security requirements and systems are constantly kept up-to-date. In this way you are assured that the network is fully protected. WaaS can possibly be supplemented with additional security solutions for the security of your other network and firewall components.

Flexible scalability and predictable costs

For optimum functioning of the network, the systems can be monitored 24×7 from the Dovilo SOC. When this is combined with a pay-per-use model, you have a fully scalable model at a predictable price per month. As a result, only a limited initial investment is required to start and there are no financial surprises.

Want to know more about Wireless-as-a-Service? Our specialists are happy to help you.