Storage as a Service

Users do not dwell on storage usage. Yet it is not obvious that applications respond quickly or that there is always sufficient storage capacity. And data that is not immediately needed, but that is on fast, expensive storage, is often a hidden cost item. With Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) you always have storage with the optimum capacity and performance, without management care and for a fixed monthly amount.

Optimal capacity and performance

We make an inventory of the initially required storage capacity for your business systems. In addition, we analyze the applications to determine which performance is required. We offer a suitable STaaS solution based on the results.

In this way you get storage with the optimum performance characteristic. If you have a heavy database environment, such as a financial transaction system or data warehouse, then we provide storage that guarantees the correct number of IOPS. Where performance is not a strict requirement, but capacity, we ensure that a high-volume system is at your disposal. You can store hundreds of TBs of archive data at a low monthly rate.

For environments that do not have specific requirements, we offer storage with the optimum price-quality ratio. For example, as a central file sharing environment for up to 1000 users, this is ideally suited. You also have the ideal solution for your own virtual data center or desktop environment.

Safe and efficient

At Dovilo safety is paramount. That is why our systems are located in Tier III data centers that meet the strictest security requirements. In addition, we can ensure that all your data is stored encrypted. To increase availability, replication to a second location is possible. This means that even in the event of a data center failure, you still have access to all your data.

To keep costs as low as possible, Dovilo uses advanced compression techniques. By combining that with deduplication, we reduce the required storage resources even further. So with a minimum volume you still have sufficient storage capacity for all your data, and that with maximum cost reduction.

Flexible scalable with predictable costs

We monitor our storage environment 24×7. As a result, we always know for sure that there is sufficient storage capacity for your data. For optimum functioning, Dovilo can also monitor your operating systems 24×7. In this way you have a flexible, scalable solution, in which you purchase capacity entirely according to your needs. Thanks to the pay-per-use model with fixed monthly costs, there are no initial high investments and you will never be faced with financial surprises.

Do you want to know more about Storage-as-a-Service? Our specialists are happy to help you.