Software Design & Consulting

Employees, customers, suppliers and management all rely on IT to be productive. This makes procuring IT solutions crucial to business success. But which IT solutions do you need? And how can you best obtain them? Dovilo’s consultants will help you on your way. They assist with developing or refining an IT strategy and help design the required software applications. They also support with the procurement of the right IT resources.

Software that complies

Software must always match business needs, but it also needs to seamlessly integrate into a company’s existing IT environment. All software design should be based on these two key requirements. Dovilo helps create specifications that take these and other relevant factors into account. We can also act as an objective party when assessing a design that is produced in-house or by third parties. Dovilo even has the capacity to handle the entire software project for you.

Tailored advice

Dovilo is happy to share its extensive knowledge of software development, implementation and support. From start-ups to enterprises, we can advise you at every step of the way. Dovilo offers the following consultancy services:

Our experts are qualified to perform objective and certified audits of your IT. We have <INSERT ISO CERTIFICATIONS> for <INSERT DOMAINS HERE>. Our reports deliver all the proof customers and prospects with strict requirements need to do business with you.

ICT strategy
Thanks to the extensive practical experience of our specialists, Dovilo can support companies in developing a solid IT strategy. We ensure that your plans match business needs now and in the future, while also remaining cost effective.

ICT architecture
Because Dovilo is vendor independent, our architects always select applications and services that best fit an organization’s environment. In addition, we ensure that companies stay agile, enabling you to quickly respond to changes in the market.

Project Planning
Our project managers set up a detailed planning that makes it clear to everyone how new solutions will be implemented. The accurate timeline also provides insight into the costs, so that you can allocate budget and other resources accordingly.