Software defined solutions

Do you want to set up an online back-office or new test environment in an instant so that you can quickly respond to changes in the market? This is possible thanks to the flexible software defined solutions from Dovilo.

Your data center 100% virtualized

Dovilo integrates storage, network and server technology into one Unified Software Defined Data Center, with which hardware resources are virtualized and combined into one large resource pool. Subsequently, resources can be allocated from this pool at any time, without having to make adjustments to the underlying hardware. This way you can quickly and easily create cloud-ready environments and deploy them in other virtualized environments.

Manageable flexibility and performance

Software defined solutions offer great flexibility and competitive advantage to organizations that operate on a large scale and want to centrally manage their IT. Need more or less capacity? Because the software used is independent of the hardware, resources can be added and removed at any time. In addition, all common cloud APIs are supported.

Our software defined solutions come with a user-friendly interface for central management. This makes creating and configuring networks, monitoring performance and orchestrating resources very easy. You can also automate processes to increase performance and availability. Smart processes can also save on hardware and software costs.

Partner for data center virtualization

All hardware and software combinations are possible for software defined data centers, but a lot of knowledge and experience is needed to prevent compatibility and dependency problems. Dovilo is the experienced partner that analyzes IT needs and delivers the best solution for your situation. We ensure that everything works as it should. Not only now, but also in the future. In addition, various general software licenses provide, possibly at a price per month. We also advise on the use of perpetual licenses.

Integration and migration of legacy environments

Need a software defined data center, but you still have old equipment and other systems that have not yet been fully written off? Dovilo is happy to help you integrate your legacy infrastructure. For example, by replacing old infrastructure in phases, or by migration support from old environments. We design and install a customized solution that maximizes the use of financial investments.

Software defined data centers are always customized. Make an appointment with a specialist to explore the options together.