We talk with our partners and customers every day on topics for Public, Pirvate and privately owned datacenter infrastructures. We find that only after executing on analytics of the target environment we can recommend the best possible choice. Dovilo analyses reports on facts. With smart tools, extended experience and possibilities to explain our findings in accurate reports for your management, you have found a solid partner for your quests on smart Cloud adoption. We help you to determine best in function and best in price selections.

Financial pro’s and con’s Public Cloud

Short term gains are luring with the adoption of a public Cloud Service. Quick deployment, recurring low monthly fees. Potentially it sounds great. Looking at this as a strategic platform for all IT is a different challenge. Evenautally there are some penalties to consider as well. All rules for design and planning are equal or even more challenging with migrating to a Public Cloud. You will need smart architects and a well thought solution within the boundaries of the Public Cloud provider. Als your sytem management will need to trasnform in order to support this new landscape. We have seen many situations where costs are turning out to be significantly higher and users moving back to privately owned infrastructure or private Cloud providers.

The positives of Public Cloud

For smaller or bigger workloads with a temporary need of resource Public Cloud is potentially ideal solution. It has the promise of saving a large quantity of upfront cash and charges as you use it.

On monthly base we say a lot of new features to be launched, which are not available to you on your legeacy environments. 

The negatives of Public Cloud

When you talk to an expert they can estimate your TCO quite accurate. Still this does not garantuee a good service. Sometime the fastest units in Cloud are not as fast as in local datacenter infrastructure. Test before you migrate. We found examples of customer needing to startup a tenfold compared to local resource pools to get to a similar performance. Without decent test period it is irresponsible to migrate any appliacation to a Public Cloud provider.

Best of both worlds

Dovilo is a big supporter of Hybrid Cloud deployments. Why? You can benefit from the positive aspects of a public Cloud and avoid any negatives. We see we get support from many analysts such as Gartner and IDC for our model. You are enabled to migrate what is feasible and mitigate any risks for your production workloads. We have examples of users returning to traditional infrastructure because they moved too fast into the Public Cloud and suffered from many technical and financial penalties to get to a proper solution. Be smart and talk to us to be ensured or a solid and safe performing environment. We make sure you control your Cloud agility and costs.

About Dovilo

Dovilo is a Benelux Hybrid IT Service provider focusing on helping customers to keep control over their IT, now and in the future. The company’s customer centric approach combines technology with customer processes, staff and supporting facilities that organisations need to innovate and stay competitive. With decades of experience in the IT field, Dovilo always strives to drive the best return on IT investments for customers whilst maximising the value that IT brings to the business.

In case of any questions for press or reference you can contact the Dovilo marketing department.