About Nasuni

Nobody will be surprised if you move your business applications to the cloud. But data often remains on location. You must manage the storage systems for this yourself. You also have to arrange things like backups and disaster recovery yourself. Our hybrid cloud file storage based on Nasuni technology offers one integrated solution for this. This gives you access to your files anytime and anywhere and you never have to worry again that there is insufficient storage capacity.

Unlimited fast storage

With our hybrid cloud file solution you get unlimited growth opportunities. And that without having to invest time and effort in hardware upgrades or data migration. You don’t even have to make any investments in advance, because you only pay according to consumption. In addition, you are fully flexible in purchasing this storage capacity, because you get storage on demand.

You don’t have to worry about performance either. Local appliances (physical or virtual) provide advanced caching of data. As a result, a high local performance is guaranteed and you actually no longer notice that you use files in the cloud instead of locally.

Go where you want

Because of our cloud solution you are no longer bound to the location for your data. We believe that you should have the choice. That is why our solution is integrated with public cloud providers such as AWS from Amazon and Microsoft Azure. You can move data between the different cloud environments, both public and private. In this way you can plan a hybrid and even a multi-cloud strategy that completely fits your business.

Complete solution

Thanks to the unique UniFS file system from Nasuni you no longer need separate solutions for backup or disaster recovery (DR). The backup has already been arranged, because files are continuously and automatically versioned. You can easily fall back on earlier versions at any time.

You no longer have to set up a fallback for DR. With our hybrid cloud solution, replication is integrated and you can write the copies to different sites or cloud environments anywhere in the world. In the event of an emergency, disaster recovery can be arranged in less than 15 minutes.

Together, always and securely with data

There is no longer any need to copy files when you go out. Thanks to the cloud storage solution, the files are synchronized and shared. It does not matter whether you work on a laptop or mobile phone. On every device you and your colleagues have access from anywhere. For mobile devices, this is done via a user-friendly web application. In the case of a laptop, you can easily install an app to synchronize files. Security is of course paramount: your data is encrypted before it is transferred over the network.

Want to know more about this fully scalable cloud file storage? Our specialists are happy to help you.