Future cloud services

The global economy is changing rapidly, customers are more erratic than ever and competition comes from all over the world. Organizations that can respond quickly to new market situations stay ahead of the competition. Thanks to the flexibility of the latest cloud technologies, your organization has the agility needed to beat the competition.

Cloud infrastructure, ready for the future

Dovilo builds second-generation cloud setups for companies that are in need of a renewal and improvement of their cloud infrastructure. Through the smart use of innovative cloud technologies, we ensure that your IT organization is ready for the future. A selection of the options:

  • Multicloud setups: based on public cloud and private cloud, or in combination with IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.
  • High-performance central clouds: for data warehousing, IoT and applications that obtain data from various sources. The collected data is stored centrally and made available for all kinds of applications
  • Edge computing: for optimum local performance and productivity

Dovilo is your cloud partner

  • Best-in-class cloud technology
    Dovilo follows all cloud developments and therefore knows which technologies improve results far.
  • Years of experience
    Our specialists have successfully implemented cloud strategies and technologies in several organizations.
  • 360-degree IT
    Dovilo actively thinks along with you and ensures that your entire IT infrastructure is future  proof.

Take a lead on the competition

Our customers appreciate our proactive thinking and approach. Do you want to experience what a real IT partner can do for you? Please contact us.