Fileserver as a Service

Organizations are increasingly generating data. The vast majority of it consists of individual files that are not in a database and are therefore unstructured (NAS). This data is stored by your organization at various remote locations or centrally accessed but with a low performance available for the remote users and collaboration in the same file is therefore almost impossible.

Complete control over your data

With the help of modern solutions and applications, by means of FaaS, we deliver a centrally managed and consistently stored data source with a worldwide lock-in mechanism and the possibility of optimal cooperation. Local performance is no longer a problem based on the right choices. Dovilo uses these solutions for various international companies.

Some examples of applications are:

  • Collaboration on large marketing files
  • Collaboration on large CAD / CAM files
  • Consolidation of file management of multiple NAS systems or file servers to 1 central integral solution with global lock-in system
  • Use of cheap Cloud storage (BLOB / S3) or central object store in-house
  • Combinations possible with AaaS from Dovilo

Of course we also ensure seamless integration with your storage environment. FaaS is a permanent solution for the well-known and ever-increasing costs of decentralized data storage and backups. FaaS therefore means more efficient work, more overview and more more performance.

Safety is paramount

Secondary data is also very valuable for your organization. Often it is about data that, for example legally, must be kept to be available at incidental but crucial moments. Consider, for example, the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), or the safeguarding of Intellectual Property. The security of your data is central to Dovilo. When archiving, we take all precautionary measures to minimize the risk of data loss.

Automation and cost saving

FaaS helps you save up to 60% of your costs on your management and increases productivity up to 70%. We enable you to make the perfect trade-off between performance, security and costs. FaaS equals;

  • Freedom of choice regarding the way in which you use the solution
  • A transparent price structure in an OPEX model
  • Focus on the primary processes within your IT operation

Whichever variant you choose, you will save enormously per terabyte thanks to the much more efficient use of your own storage environments.

Want to know more about Fileservers as a Service? Our specialists are happy to help you.