With the demand for high-quality turnkey software solutions on the rise, Dovilo has increased its development capabilities by opening a new development center in the city of Lublin in eastern Poland. The division will offer a unique customer-centric approach, with hands-on collaboration between the new team and clients to offer the exact solutions they need.

At the same time, Dovilo balances the needs of team leads and developers, assigning them to projects that fit them best and allowing them to fulfill their own professional potential under the conditions they set for themselves.

The team will be formed and headed by Simona Mackulínová. She combines her role as Senior IT Recruiter with general managerial tasks, including events, communication and customer management.

Meet Simona Mackulínová, our new Senior Information Technology Recruiter in Lublin

Talent Acquisition

Mackulínová is an experienced recruitment specialist who was previously involved in event management fulfillment management in Prague. This unique skillset combination is a perfect fit for her new role in coordinating the activities of Dovilo Poland. “We are currently forming our core development team,” Mackulínová said. “We are involved with organizing events and meetings in the region to find the brightest talent here.”

One of the main draws of Dovilo as an employer will be the focus on creating a perfect fit between the project and the professional. “Our developers will have a say in the projects they will participate in, so they can fully play to their strengths and effectively plan their personal development,” Mackulínová said. “The synergy we create between our team and the client’s team ensures that all project leads and developers have a balanced workload while meeting all the project goals. Dovilo is eager to hear their own input at any time.”

Customer centric recruitment

While building the local organization from the ground up, Mackulínová will also be heavily involved in customer coordination. “We at Dovilo are always putting the needs of our clients first,” she explained.

“Our development approach is founded on alignment with existing business processes at their organization. Therefore, our projects require a high level of collaboration and communication.”

She points out that her recruitment efforts are exactly tailored to suit the demands Dovilo puts into its teams. “Development proficiency is extremely important, but so are communication skills,” she said. “The Dovilo approach involves tight collaboration with teams based in other countries, primarily the Netherlands, and with the customer. Our recruitment efforts will reflect that.”

Lublin: an ideal location for Dovilo

Dovilo selected Lublin as the ideal location for their development efforts. The college town has much on offer in terms of talent, and its relative proximity to Ukraine and Belarus deepens the talent pool further. “We are an international company,” Mackulínová said. “Lublin offers the sweet spot between having a vibrant college community and a large concentration of technically minded professionals.”

The core development team will be ready to go soon, and will be expanded over the course of the year.