Dovilo is started in 2014 and since then we have been in a fast growing pace in size and revenues. During last entrepeneurs diner, organized by Peak Value, there was reserved some time to award Dovilo for this extreme performance.

PeakValue & the entrepeneurs of the communities of Rotterdam and the adjacent cities congratualate Dovilo with the honourable ‘PEAK Growth award’.

The ambition & realization of those goals are an inspiration for ambitous startups in the market. “With this award we can highlight extraordinary talents”

Dovilo is keen on introducing innovation with their customers and by that delivering an unique business value. Mainly large enterprises choose Dovilo enabling them to out perform in an ever more competing global economy. With innovation in the datacenters, 24×7 support and Hybrid Cloud deployments, we make a difference.

In case of any questions for press or reference you can contact the Dovilo marketing department.

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