Disaster recovery as a Service

In the event of an emergency, such as a power outage or cyber crime where the primary IT environment no longer functions, a company cannot go without it. Organizing, securing and managing it yourself requires the necessary expertise. And if you really have to move, it is quite a challenge to do that efficiently and flawlessly. With DRaaS you have a guaranteed fall-back without management care and at a fixed all-in price. This way you know for sure that in the event of an emergency your company will be up and running quickly again.

Guaranteed fast back in business

You want absolute certainty that a fallback will succeed. That is why automated systems and processes ensure the recovery. This way we exclude human errors that are disastrous in an emergency situation. These errors occur easily in the event of an emergency, because it is difficult to keep a cool head.

In addition, in the current time of online trading and use of cloud services, the connection to the Internet must be restored as quickly as possible. That is why Dovilo ensures that all data and network traffic is diverted in the event of a fallback. This means you are back in business quickly from the fall-back location.

Tailor-made diversion

We always analyze your business systems. In addition, we determine with you how quickly the various systems must be operational again and how much data loss is still justified in the event of an emergency. If necessary, we can arrange a fallback within a few minutes and limit the data loss to even less than 10 seconds. We then design the fallback, taking into account the desired service level per system. In this way you do not incur more costs than necessary. Everything is tested periodically to prove your compliance and to guarantee your business continuity.

Flexible scalable and fixed costs

Because your IT environment is not static, our service ensures that new virtual machines are automatically added to the back-up. Even if the infrastructure changes, Dovilo will adjust the Disaster Recovery service accordingly. This way the fallback scales flexibly with your company. By combining this with our 24×7 monitoring service for your production systems you are assured of full and safe scalability. Because we use fixed all-in prices for DRaaS, you will not be surprised.

Do you want to know more about Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service? Our specialists are happy to help!