Business Continuity

Hardware failures, security issues, or human errors: IT processes interruptions are always lurking. A minimized recovery time prevents high costs due to production and data loss. This is possible with Dovilo’s customized Business Continuity solutions.

Is your current solution still adequate?

When IT is essential for business processes, you have undoubtedly already taken measures to limit the risks and impact of outages. But over time, many of these solutions are no longer adequate. The availability and capacity of infrastructure is often based on different types of sources, such as on-premise, in data centers and with cloud providers. These sources are often added gradually. Complex failover and failback processes are then required to achieve the desired RTO and RPO.

Sometimes a complete review of the infrastructure is needed to achieve the desired level of business continuity. However, existing architectures can often be maintained and only adjustments to services or configurations are required. This requires the necessary knowledge and skills.

Guidance from start to finish

Dovilo guides you through the entire process, from inventory to implementation. In addition, we perform impact and risk analyzes, we develop a customized infrastructure strategy and we integrate the desired services. We do this on the basis of different scenarios, such as asynchronous replication of hypervisors, storage replication and the orchestration of diversion, all without data loss. If necessary, we can also ensure that qualified personnel are at your disposal so that the solution is properly managed.

Disaster Recovery in the cloud

Do you prefer to move in and out online, without maintaining all sorts of difficult processes? Do you want the option of moving to private or public clouds? This is possible with our DR-as-a-Service. Determine the RPO and RTO, and Dovilo guarantees the desired availability from a service or a turnkey project on location.

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Free Disaster Recovery Guide

Our free disaster recovery guide is packed with information about various solutions for fallback to another data center or public cloud. You can easily gain insight into fall-back options and learn about workload mobility for easily shifting applications between different hypervisors.

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